Kolbus BF 527 Hard Cover Line

Kolbus BF527 Casing-in Line

Age 2004

Fully automated casing in line with ‘Co-Pilot’ Pre-setting System
‘Co-Pilot’ computerised set-up and memory with touch-screen colour monitors
Star-wheel infeed to;
‘AR’ rounding and backing element with various size rounding irons to;
‘HL’ backlining unit with 1st position gluing & gauzing station,
2nd position hot gluing, paper lining and head & tail banding
‘EMP’ casing-in element with DBA case bending unit, heated former for cases, various formers for size changing
Robotec RO Concept Glue Station
Delivery belt to:-
Kolbus FE 604 – pressing and building-in machine with star-wheel infeed,
6 stations of whole surface smashing and heated joint forming. With touch-screen.
DS 391 Stacker
Including accessories, tools & manuals.
Book block format, Max: 305 x 375 x 80 mm
Min : 100 x 100 x 2 mm
Mechanical speed : 20 – 60 cycles/min.
Air requirement : 9 Nm3/h @ 6 bar (hard cover)

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