Kolbus KM 412 Perfect binding line

Kolbus KM 412 Perfect binding line
Age 2009
exist as follows:
Kolbus ZU 841.C
12 stations of Gathering machine
Reject unit AS 841
Transfer channel with jogging station
Kolbus KM 411.C Publica
Perfect binder
Copilotsystem with LCD touchscreen
24 clamps perfect binder
Main milling, Notching, Equalizer
Hotmelt spine glue station
Premelter LH 375.C
Hotmelt side glue station
Premelter LH 375.A
Exchangeable PUR nozzle spine glue incl. premelter
Stream cover Feeder SAL 412.C
2 cover nipping stations
Laydown delivery
Conveyor belts for cooling and drying incl. cooling tower and emergency gate
Kolbus HD 153.P
Three knife trimmer
Age 2009

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