Man-Roland 906 6B LVV | 2008

Used Man Roland R906-6B-LVV​
Age 2008
Impression:351 mio

6 colors
Varnish group
UV final dryer
6B2 format: 1020 x 1420 Special mini format: 500 x 720
Margin and revenue logistics
PPL plate wedging
Speed: ​14,000 f/h

Beta.c (combined device – inking and dampening tables)
Beta.f: dampening water filtering system

Raising modules: 664 mm
Eltosch IR/AC/UV final dryer
UV Power 160W/cm
Total IRK power ​47kW
Total MRI power ​14kW
Hot air power: 58.5 kW

Double extension (VV): 2477mm 2477mm

Automatic Nonstop Margin and Reception (for support > 200g/m²)
Logistics system E19 (margin) and A01 (Receiving)

RCI Off Press Controls
Grapho Metronic FM19 Colour Management
Press Pilot Network Connection
Press raised on 667mm concrete plinth
Rolandmatic Dampening
Ink Temperature Control
Technotrans Beta.c combination unit for Recirculation & Refrigeration
Technotrans Beta.f – Filtration Unit
Automatic Non-Stop Feeder
Pallet Logistics in Feeder
PPL – Power Plate Loading
Auto Ink Roller Wash
Auto Blanket Wash
Auto Impression Cylinder Wash
Skeleton Transfer Cylinders – Transferters
Tresu Anilox Coating Unit with Spare Anilox Chamber
Gantry for Anilox Roller Removal
Varnish Pumps x 2 – 1 for UV and 1 for Conventional Varnish
Eltosch End of Press Drying System consisting
– IR/Hot Air End of Press
– 2 x UV Lamp End of Press
Grafix powder Spray Unit
Extended Delivery
Automatic Non-Stop Delivery
Pallet Logistics in Delivery

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